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The Interface
Intuitive and efficient.

The interface brings the many configuration and programming possibilities of the Hyperion Tech cycles to the user. Simple commands combined with intuitive programming software make for an intelligent, easy-to-use wash system, making all of its many options easy to access.

Activating The System
Service at the tips of your fingers.

The client interface must be user-friendly and simple. Programmable Chip Cards or Keys are practical and accessible tools that help to encourage repeat customers.

E-Won (Optional)
Remote control.

A device connected via GPRS or ADSL that allows users to supervise the system, extract stats for promotional or sales use and to control profitability.

Compact High-Pressure Pump Rack

Added value.

The components that make up the systems pump function is assembled in-house, with the aim of efficient space use.
This allows for shorter installation times and less need to reconfigure the car wash area.

Speedy Installation
A permanent added value.

To speed up installation times, and to guarantee the system will be up and running immediately, each module and component is assembled and subjected to rigourous tests in-house.

EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration)

EPD is a key international certification, regulated by the ISO directives, whose main goal is to provide significant, checked and verifiable data related to a productc's environmental impact.
The entire HydrusTech lifecycle, therefore, has been analyzed, and Ceccato - the first and only company in the Car Wash sector - has achieved this certification, a prestigious recognition of the company's constant and innovative focus on saving energy and protecting the environment.